25 Minute Yoga Workout for Beginners


Are you set for this 25 minute Yoga workout for beginners?

It’s high time you work on your yoga routines. If you are not familiar with yoga, meditation or relaxation, then this article on 25 minute yoga workout for beginners is a nice place to begin.

Who is this workout designed for?

  • People who want to try yoga for the first time.
  • Individuals who want to improve their body flexibility
  • People who want to alleviate pains and aches.

This article contains a brief introduction to each yoga for beginners poses as well as instructions and tips to help you practice them.

Ensure you maintain each pose for thirty seconds.

Some yoga poses are two-sided, make sure you practice pose on each side before progressing to the next pose.

You have to repeat the workout three times to complete this guide designed to last for 25-minute.

Pro TIP: Each pose will be presented with a short video explaining in detail the Yoga pose. 

25 Minute Yoga Workout for Beginners

1. Warrior I

(Virabhadrasana I)

We are going to start with the most simple Yoga workout for beginners and then will move to more complex yoga poses.

You start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your right feet shout be 4 feet away from your other foot.

Turn your body towards the right, then turn your left foot at angle 45 degrees. Bend towards your right need to increase the stretch, ensure you keep your left leg straight.

Ensure your right knee is at angle 90 degree with your right thigh parallel to the floor. Lift your hands over your head and gaze forward or slightly towards the ceiling.

Maintain this position for thirty seconds.

Do this yoga workout with your other side before progressing to Warrior II.

2. Warrior II

(Virabhadrasana II)

From Warrior I position described above, move your left hand straight down, make sure it is parallel to the ground while reaching your right arm down behind your back at the same time.

Adjust your left foot to 90 degrees from 45 degrees angle of warrior I.

Maintain the pose for thirty seconds.

Repeat using your other side, then migrate to warrior III pose.

3. Warrior III

(Virabhadrasana III)

You continue from warrior II pose.

Move your left hand forward, ensure you left and right arm are parallel. Then move your weight slowly to your right leg slowly.

Keep leaning forward on your right leg till your chest is parallel to the floor. At the same time, raise your left leg up and lean ahead to maintain balance.

Make sure your arms are straight out ahead of you, and your left foot parallel to the floor.

Hold this position for 30 seconds,

repeat on your other side, then progress to the next routine.


4. Reverse Warrior 

(Viparota Virabhadrasana)

You start this pose in warrior II pose with your left knee in front.

Move your right arm back to your left knee.

 If you are flexible enough, you can reach beyond your knee. This pose can be modified by keeping your right hand at rest on your upper thigh, that’s if you want to.

Move your left arm back over your head. You should feel your right thigh and left side of your body stretch out.

Maintain this pose for thirty seconds,

then repeat on your other side.

5. Downward Facing Dog 

(Adho Mukha Svanasana)

This is a very important yoga workout for beginners and you should take attention to the video and the pose description below.

To begin, spread your arms on the mat and raise your butt upwards until your knees leave the floor and your legs straight.

The secret to this post is to maintain a curved back and pointed butt so that your lower back is not curved but completely straight.

Maintain this pose for thirty seconds to extend the stretch to your shoulders and hamstrings.

6. Upward Facing Dog


Start routine by lying on the ground faced-down with both arms above your hips and feet tops on the ground.

With your arms and your core strength, raise your knees, hips and thighs off the ground while pushing your chest outward.

Gaze forward or a little upward.

Maintain this pose for thirty seconds.

7. Chair Pose 


With your legs together, bend your knees slightly, then raise your arms up over your head.

You can look forward and maintain a straight back, or look up and move your arms to the back a little to stretch your chest and back.

Maintain this position for thirty seconds.

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8. Revolved Chair Pose 

(Parivrtta Utkatasana)

Start in the chair pose described above, make sure your knees are slightly bent (you should be able to view your toes), as well as your back.

Move your right arm down to your left ankle, try reaching as much as you can. Then point your left hand towards the ceiling, ensure your shoulders are stacked.

Look upward, then lean upwards gently into the twist. This will help loosen your collarbone and chest.

Hold this pose for thirty seconds, perform workout on each side.

9. Standing Half Forward Bend

(Ardha Uttanasana)

Standing Half Forward bend is another highly recommended yoga workout for beginners pose, because it will stimulates your belly, strengthens your backs and also improves deeply your posture.

To start, place your feet shoulder-width away from each other as well as your arms. Then reach for your toes slowly. The secret to this pose is maintaining a straight back.

To maintain a straight back, bend your back and push your butt out to prevent your back from bending as you go down.

Maintain this pose for thirty seconds.

10. Forward Fold


With your feet shoulder-width apart, breath out as you reach for your toes.

Some people may find it difficult to reach for the floor with their fingertips. Others may find it easy placing their hands flat on the floor.

The level of flexibility in our hamstring differ. But it will improve the more you practice.

Nevertheless, make sure you are focused on straightening your upper body as you bend over. You can use a towel or yoga strap in pulling yourself forward if you find it difficult reaching for your toes.

Maintain the pose for thirty seconds.

11. Plank Pose


Grip the mat firmly, then round your upper back and shoulders; make sure your butt aligns with your body.

Stay firm and tight, do not allow your body to sag. Allow your abs do the work.

Hold the pose for thirty seconds, make it more challenging by maintaining the pose for 120 seconds.


12. Four Limbed Staff Pose

(chaturanga Dandasana)

This pose is a plank variation. Chaturanga is referred to as the yogi pushup.

You begin in plank position, then lower your whole body down, ensure your upper body is parallel to your upper arms and triceps. Lift your butt a bit higher than your torso, stay firm; don’t sag your belly.

Hold this pose for ten seconds, then continue to thirty seconds, then sixty seconds.


Note this is a Yoga workout for Beginners. 

Make sure you hold each pose for thirty seconds before performing the next routine.

Rest for sixty seconds after completing all 12 poses. You are to do all 12 poses three times (3 sets), make sure you repeat on both sides for two-sided routines, and you rest between sets or rounds.

In general, it will take you about 20-25 minutes to complete this yoga workout.

You can hold a position for more than 30 seconds if you can.

Have at the back of your mind that dedication is key if you want positive results; ensure you show up for your yoga routines.

Do not forget that getting yourself on the mat is the most challenging part of practicing yoga.

If you find this article interesting or you have questions, please leave a comment below.

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